All About Food & Drinks by The Walking Tour of Marrakech

Moroccan food is one of the most sensual in the world. It appeals directly to the senses of smell, sight and taste.
   The Moroccan-born writer Edmond Amran el Maleh described Moroccan cuisine as “the perfumed soul of our culture”.
 A unique blend of African, Arabian and European influences.

   The famous plates are Tagine and Couscous 

   Hot sweet mint tea is served in all the restaurants and cafes, and it’s a sign of welcome in Moroccan culture. Street vendors in Jam el Fna Square offer fresh orange juice (jus d’orange) by the glass for 3dh.
   All the stalls at  the square display the price on a sign ,making it less likely you will be overcharged. However , pay attention when you buy as they  offer 2 types of oranges…the blood orange juice costs 10dh per glass. Wine and beer will rarely be found outside restaurants catering to tourists.
   However , some hotels / riads in Medina do have a public bar , serving beer and wine.

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