All about Moroccan Education Through The Walking Tour of Marrakech

The Ministry of National Education was established in 1959 to begin the task of training a native training corps to replace foreign teachers and build new schools.
 Schooling is compulsory and free (at state schools).The basic education cycle last nine years , followed by three years of secondary education. Classical Arabic is the main language of instruction. French is introduced from the third year of primary school. Berber is recently in education system, but not yet all over Morocco. Spanish is spoken by many Moroccans in the north, while English is increasingly the foreign language of choice for youth attending private school. English language is introduced into the state curriculum in grade ten (first year of secondary school).

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Visit Agdal Garden Through The Walking Tour of Marrakech

Agdal Garden is adjacent to the Royal Palace of Marrakesh. Created during the Alawid ruler “Abdurrahman bin Hicham”.
 The Garden is divided in two by the long avenue. It contain two large artificial pools and is planted with olive groves and various fruit trees.

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Visit Menara Gardens Through The Walking Tour of Marrakesh

Menara Gardens were built in the 12th century during the Almohad dynasty. The pavilion was built  by the 16th century Saadi dynasty.
 The pavilion and basin are surrounded by orchards and olive groves. The basin is supplied with water thanks to an old hydraulic system which conveys water from the Atlas Mountains.

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Hassle free Guided Tours in Marrakesh

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