I was born in a Berber village in the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech. During my childhood I lived for a short while in different parts of Morocco and as an adult I worked abroad.
I have returned to Marrakech , my favourite city, to make my home with my wife and young family.
I have worked at and managed some of Marrakech’s and Morocco’s most beautiful luxury resorts as well as those in Dubai.
As a professional in the tourist industry I realised how much I enjoyed meeting people from diverse countries, learning about their experiences and exciting them about my own culture and history.
Today I am a licensed professional Tour Guide. I have a degree in modern literature and in 2011 was awarded a diploma in Sustainable Tourism from the University of Aix-Marseille. Sustainable tourism is very important to me and influences how I plan and operate my tours.
Tours are offered in English, French, Arabic and Japanese. I pride myself on being a Marrakech specialist: someone who truly understands the historical, cultural and political significance of the city, its sights and its people.
Welcome to our wonderful city!