Marrakech Walking Tour

No-Shopping Tour, « Purely Educational »,

This special tour guides you through eleven centuries of Marrakech history and takes you deep into the heart of the Medina to discover its eleventh-century foundations.

Our walk begins in the vastDjemaa el Fna Sqaure which from the late afternoon onwards becomes a kaleidoscope of all humanity: acrobats and snake charmers, story tellers and dancers, magicians and musicians set against the smoking braziers of hundreds of food stalls. In the morning it is quiet but late in the afternoon the bustle will have already begun.

We’ll look at the landmark koutoubia Mosque, symbol of Marrakech, and consider its significance – and those of the ruins beside it.

We will then make our way towards the sixteenth century Mellah, the Jewish Quarter, which until the second half of the twentieth century was an important and thriving centre. You will learn to recognise the differences between Jewish and Muslim architecture and identify signs of its rich Jewish heritage.

The next stop is the beautifulBahia Palace with its decorative stucco panels, elaborate tiled floors, cooling fountains and pretty gardens.

Weaving our way through winding alleyways we will begin to leave the usual tourist trail behind us as we make for the ancient souks, or workshops. Here in the narrow labyrinthine alleyways amid the sounds, sights and smells of this artisan quarter you will feel as if you are stepping back in time.

We will see where the workers stop for lunch and the fruit and vegetable market where the locals pick up their daily provisions. And as we meander back to the Square we will stop to peer into courtyards and unearth their secrets. Maybe we shall also meet en route some of the colourful characters that bring the Medina to life. There is just so much to discover.

During our tour we will make a brief stop so you can refresh yourself with a traditional mint tea, a Moroccan coffee or perhaps a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Please note that in THIS TOUR, we have a policy of NOT taking our clients to shops and shopping outlets. The busy tour itineraries focus solely on the history and culture of Marrakech. You are of course welcome to shop in the markets and souks once the tour is finished!

Family Friendly

Probably best suited to older children (6 – 8years plus) as there is a substantial amount of walking and the alleyways are often busy and narrow. Please also bear in mind the heat especially in the summer.


This Tour lasts 3 hours and begins at 9am.

No tours on Friday, as many authentic places and some attractions close for the Collective prayer.

You will be met at your centrally located hotel or riad by your guide or given instructions about where to meet at an easy to access location in the Medina.

We suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes as the routes are often uneven. We also suggest that you dress modestly and appropriately and have sunscreen and a hat. If it is hot please bring a bottle of water although this can be purchased en route.

TWO options:

1) Group Tour: (max of 6 people)

2) Private Tour: Highly Personal

We prefer to take small groups which is a definite advantage as the whole experience is more personal.

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 Welcome to Marrakesh, the red city and the capital of the south. Marrakesh has served as well as the capital for the Kingdom of Morocco for centuries. It’s the fourth biggest city in Morocco. Located at the foot o the High Atlas Mountains, it represented a land mark for people coming from the Sahara desert crossing the mountains. The regions have been inhabited by Berber farmers, then joined by Arabs coming from The Arab Peninsula introducing Islam to the whole region. Marrakesh is the best example, as is the rest of Morocco, a sign of harmony and peace. 

Marrakesh was founded by the Almoravid dynasty in the 11th century and the name Red was given to the city due to its red walls.

How to discover the Medina of Marrakesh ?

In order to better navigate the old city of Marrakesh, Medina, an English speaking local expert tour guide is of paramount importance. The narrow streets and the labyrinth of the Medina are very easy to confuse. An other reason is the hassle and bustle inside the Medina. Therefore, a Private Walking Tour of Marrakesh is the best thing you can go for especially at the beginning of your stay in Marrakesh. This Private Walking Tour of the Medina will help you explore the hidden parts of the real Marrakesh starting from Jemaa el Fna Square.


What to expect from Marrakesh Walking Tour ?

Marrakesh Walking Tour is firstly a purely educational walking tour that does not involve any shopping stops. The Walking Tour starts from the Jemaa el Fna Square, then we visit the famous Koutoubia Mosque from outside. Then, we cross the Jewish Quarter, Mellah, taking us to the most beautiful monument in Marrakesh, the Bahia Palace. Then, we cross the maze and the narrow streets of the Medina. This Walking Tour brings you close to the real life of the Marrakshi people, how do they live and where do they shop for their everyday provisions. After that, we will discover the real souks, where the artisans work, not sell. We will then cross the modern souk to finish the Walking Tour o the Medina in the Jemaa el Fna Square. These are, on the whole, the main sites to discover. However, there is much more to discover on the way.


Best of Marrakesh Walking Tour with a Local English Speaking Tour Guide

It’s the best way to tick through the old city o Marrakesh without any hassle or fear of getting lost. All you need is to get a local expert English speaking tour guide to reveal the history of Marrakesh city on this Private Walking Tour. You will probably miss all the hidden parts, which are the most important things to see, while on your own. You can make your arrangement for a Private Walking Tour of Marrakesh by booking in advance for your personal walking tour. Marrakesh is a spectacular city, a former Moroccan capital for centuries, you deserve to see its real sites and visit under-the-radar historical attractions.


Find your Perfect Walking Tour of Marrakesh

Experience Marrakesh through the eyes of a local English speaking tour guide. We offer you a unique Private Walking Tour that can be customized for you. Visit and discover the most important sites in Marrakesh Medina. Your tour guide will take you deep inside the Medina to go back in history, see where the real local live and where artisans work. Your English speaking tour guide is specialized in the Moroccan history, architecture and will introduce you to the real local life. this tour is a Private half-day Walking Tour of Marrakesh Medina to discover to discover the highlights of the old city, such as the famous Jemaa el Fna Square, Koutoubia Mosque, Jewish Quarter (Mellah), Bahia Palace and much more. The Private Walking Tour starts at 9:00 a.m and finishes by 12:00 p.m. Some stops for a drink are included during the tour and may be adapted to your specific needs.


One&Only Walking Tour of Marrakesh

Your English speaking tour guide will meet you at a previously conirmed meeting place, mainly located near the Jemaa el Fna Square. The tour will start with the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque, the highest building in Marrakesh. By the way, it’s not allowed to build higher, maximum 5 stories in the new city. Why? because it served as a landmark for people coming from the mountains and the desert. We will then continue our journey through the labyrinth of the Medina to discover the Bahia Palace away from the crowds, cosy and quiet. After that, your tour guide will lead you through places that most tourists miss while in Marrakesh, the artisans quarter. Following this amazing place you will cross the main souks. You will walk along the colorful and very beautiul Semmarine souk to finish the walking tour at the Jema el na Square. This tour is about 3 hours and do not involve any shopping outlets.


Marrakesh Walking Guided Tour is the Only Way to Discover Marrakesh 

This is an absolutely amazing Guided Walking Tour of Marrakesh. With a positive energy and happy smile, your English speaking tour guide will make feel at home. Your tour guide is a local expert who loves his city. He cares a lot about people he is guiding and will do his best to share everything with you. You will get to see places you would never find on your own. 


Marrakesh Medina Private Walking Guided Tour

Discover the Medina, old city of Marrakesh on a private half day Walking Guided Tour run by the best informative local expert English speaking tourguide. This Walking Guided Tour will take you to the hidden parts of Marrakesh Medina that you cannot discover on your own. By booking this tour, you will be able to visit Bahia Palace, the most beautiful monument in Marrakesh old city, Medina. You will explore the Mellah, Jewish quarter, Koutoubia mosque and much more. we guarantee the quality and the uniqueness of this Guided tour that will provide insights into the history and the value of Marrakesh Medina historical sites.


Excellent Walking Guided Tour of Marrakesh

This tour will enable you to get an excellent Guided Tour of Marrakesh Medina. This is a 3 hours Walking Guided Tour run by the best English speaking tourguide in Marrakesh. It will enable you go through eleventh centuries culture, mosques, markets, Bahia Palace, the Jewish quarter ( Mellah) and more. Your guide will take you through the labyrinth of the old city souks. What makes the success of this tour is that it’s a shopping free Guided Walking Tour of Marrakesh. also, It will be tailored to your specific needs. The strong factor is the depth knowledge of the sights and the easy going pace of the Walking tour. Book the Best and One&Only Walking Tour of Marrakesh today and get a memorable Walking Tour of your life.


Great Guided Walking Tour of Marrakesh Medina

This is the best Walking Tour ever proposed to tourists in Marrakesh city. Why ? because simply, it’s a purely cultural guided Walking Tour of Marrakesh. It covers the historic parts of the old city. The tourguide who runs this tour is highly qualified and is a fountain of knowledge, speaking very good and simple English language. The English speaking tourguide will either meet you at your hotel/riad or will fix a meeting point infront of the famous Jemaa el Fna Square. By choosing our Private Walking Tour of Marrakesh, you will spend a beautiful learning morning or afternoon. This Walking Tour is a great introduction to the real Marrakesh Medina. Booking Marrakesh Walking Tour is very easy and get updated before the tour starts through e-mail. Welcome to the great highly recommended Guided Tour of Marrakesh.


Guided Tour of Marrakesh

It goes without saying that discovering Marrakech hidden parts does go through taking a real and true walking tour. Medina Guided Tour has been considered the best walking tour of Marrakech for the last 15 years. A pretty good number of reviews in TripAdvisor attest and confirm the uniqueness of this walking tour which does not take to any shopping outlets. It is mainly concentrating on the cultural side. Try this walking tour and you will get the best of your stay in Marrakesh.

What is the Best Walking Tour to go for in Marrakesh 2019 ?

On your first day in Marrakesh, it’s highly recommended to go for the Marrakesh Medina Walking Tour. It’s a 3 hour guided tour that takes you back in time. This tour is run by Rachid, the best tour guide in Marrakesh. It does not involve any shopping stops. However, you will cross the main souks areas, but mainly where artisans work, not sell. This tour is done on foot, so you will need to walk quite long distances and need comfortable shoes. Marrakesh Medina Walking Tour is the best guided tour in Marrakesh city 2019.


Top 100 reasons to take Marrakesh Walking Tour 

There are several reasons why you have to take Rachid Marrakesh Medina Walking Guided Tour on your first days. Why? because simply it’s a cultural, educational 100% non shopping tour. You will enjoy one of the most interesting and rich culture in the world. You will get to explore the hidden and authentic side of the Medina (old city) of Marrakech. Enjoy the walking tour that will help you discover the splendid iconic architecture and ornate mosques.

What’s the price of tours in Marrakesh 2019?

It all depends on the type of the walking or guided tour you are looking for. Marrakesh has got a lot of companies that offer group tours mainly. But few of them offer highly personal or private tours for families in Marrakesh. Prices start from 10$ per person if it’s a group tour or 20$ per person if it’s a private tour. The main difference between Rachid private or small group tour is that it does not take you to shops at all. You will cross the souks areas, artisans shops and you will be provided with how you make your shopping on your own once the walking tour is finished.